The Rising Star Of Punjabi Film Industry, Sargun Mehta |

Actress Sargun Mehta is definitely riding high in the Punjabi film industry. Apparently, Sargun's debut Punjabi film Angrez was a big hit at the Box Office and also her lastest one - Love Punjab - is doing immensely well in Punjab and abroad.

Why did you decide to get into Punjabi films?

When I watched the Punjabi film titled Jatt and Juliet, I really liked the film and I somehow realised  the industry is making really good stuff and good cinema. I am a Punjabi and that's where the thought came from. I got a call from the writer of Angrez when I was in Mumbai on 14th of February and I was pretty convinced but I was waiting for the script and we started shooting from 15th March.

Sargun has got a lot of compliments for both of her Punjabi films so how does it feel?

Sometimes it takes a lot of time for any actor to make the base in any sort of an industry. Even on television your first show may be a hit one or your second show might go well or your third show may go average . With Angrez being the biggest hits in Punjab and that being my first film I think that is a huge back hand for me. I have been waiting to do something like this for long and when you got such a great start it was overwhelming. I was careful in selecting my second film as I didn't want the first film to be a fluke and with the success of Love Punjab I could prove that it was not a fluke and I am genuinely back again. An actor always waits for hits and compliments.