Vidya Balan Answers Questions From Her Biggest Fans|

 Vidya Balan Answers Questions From Her Biggest Fans

In a FOLLO exclusive, Vidya Balan responds to questions from her biggest fans.

Our first fan is Roukaya, from Algeria. Her question is – What is your priority in life and what comes first according to you.

My priority in life, Roukaya, is me. My happiness means the most to me because only when I am happy can I make others happy.  Only if I love myself can I love anyone else.        

Next question from her, is – We have seen manifestation of anger in the character of Durga Rani Singh. How does Vidya’s anger manifest.

Oh, you don’t want to know! My anger manifests in a lot of ways. At home Siddharth bears the brunt of it. I vent a lot at him, even when I am not angry with him. I express my anger with him. Siddharth, my family and my manager faces the brunt and gets to hear about all that I have to say.

Our next question is from Naveen. He asks, what is the one thing you recommend travelers to Kalimpong eat or see.

Hi Naveen! I think Momos in Kalimpong are the best. I am a vegetarian but people in Kalimpong are going crazy with all kinds of momos, chicken and beef momos and all that. So one of our team members had gone o a monastery. There was this lady outside selling momos. She has two dabbas filled with momos. Between four people they finished off some 80 momos! Also, Kalimpong is a beautiful place. Every corner of it is beautiful.

Then we have a twitter handle VBaddicted. They call themselves Vidya Balan family. They say, she inspires us every day. What inspires her?

When I see someone who is leading their life they want to, in whatever way, not only those people who we read of and doing great things. Even people who are pursuing their own dreams, people who manage to find happiness in little things inspire me. On different days different things inspire me. I always look for a reason to smile and be happy.