Walking onto a set in a short skirt is difficult: Ritiesh| follo.in

Why did you choose to play a negative role in Ek Villain?
Genelia (D'Souza) was the first person to tell me that I should play a character that is grey and within two weeks of that conversation, I got this offer. So, I thought let's do it.
How was the experience of transforming into a woman for Humshakals?
The most difficult part was not wearing short skirts, but wearing one and walking on the set because everyone is looking at you and holding their laughter.And you don't know whether to walk like a guy or a girl. The first time I played a woman I'd waxed and threaded my eyebrows and now I wonder how I did it.
You have the Marathi film Lai Bhaari, in which you play the which you play the lead, coming up..
I'm born in a Marathi family and thought it was time I worked in a Marathi film. I wanted to work with Nishikant Kamat and also the subject was something we hadn't seen in Marathi. It's an attempt to make a commercial action drama.
How did you get Salman Khan to do a role in Lai Bhaari?
Salman was gracious and kind enough to offer to act in the film. We didn't go to him. He offered and I said let me think. Arbaaz said most people die to have Salman in their film; you're unique to have said let me think! I thought it was best to have Salman speak in Marathi so we have a funny drunken scene with him.
Do you have a dream role in mind?
When you look at people who've performed iconic roles, those are the best. If you change the actor it won't be the same. It'll be foolish if I say I should've played SRK in DDLJ or Amitabh Bachchan in Deewar.
You won a National Award for Yellow. It’s a brilliant film. What’s next on Riteish’s production list?
Marathi films give you the opportuni ty to make unique, content based sto ries because of the budget. Also, the films you are competing with aren't insanely heavy budget ones. I hope a time comes when smaller films are also appreciated by the audience and are screened in theatres.
How are you supporting Genelia in her pregnancy?
She knew I was busy with Humshakals and Ek Villain; she's an understanding wife.Thankfully there have been no mood swings for me to handle.Whenever we get a chance we go out for walks.
Have you ever made her a romantic meal?
The last time I cooked was in New York. I tried making rice and the fire alarm went off. The security asked me what I'd done. I had put the rice in the cooker but nobody told me I was supposed to add water as well. That's how good a chef I am. Genelia is better off with out my food.
What's the most romantic meal she has made for you?
Both of us aren't into cooking.One thing we thought we should learn is to cook. It's a great way to spend time with each other in a space that we don't know. That's how we started acting. Both of us didn't know anything about it. It's important for couples to rediscover their relationship.
Will we ever again see the two of you together in a film?
I should hope so, but for obvious reasons it won't be for some time.