Watch This Video To Find Out Why Does Radhika Apte Want To Visit Her Past|

Radhika Apte who was recently present at the store launch of a watch brand spoke to exclusively about her love for watches and much more here is an excerpt from the interview.
Since we are at a watch store tell us how punctual are you?
Well, I am very punctual as long as I am not depended on other people who are not punctual. I get very stressed when I am not on time.
What’s your favourite bollywood era?
I think for music its gone..and in terms of acting and opprtunites she calims is this is the best time for bollywood as woman get to male the protagnaist expectionally well stories are showcased and I hope this continues ....- dint understand this

What's your Favourite time travel movie.?
Back to the Future.
If you ever get a chance to travel back time where would you like to go- past or future?
I would like to go in past more than my future because the machine would really have to suffer because I will go too often.
The gorgeous lady also share one incident where she was literally having a race against time...and talks about her latest projects. Watch this video now