When it comes to soul sex, I prefer women: Sherlyn Chopra| follo.in

You have this bad girl image. What is Sherlyn Chopra actually like?
The real Sherlyn Chopra is BAD... Bold And Daring. I guess a part of me is very shy. I don't know if the viewers would believe it or not, but the truth is, I am a shy girl.
You've gone on record to say that you are more attracted to women than men...
I choose to believe that most women have a higher EQ (emotional quotient) than men. I find it easy to bare my heart and soul to women. Most of the men whom I have met to date have been very judgmental, shallow and they have just one thing on their mind. And that is overrated. I would rather have soul sex - taste one's thoughts, ideas, notions, temperament, sentiments than have mechanical or meaningless sex. When it comes to soul sex, I prefer women. Cheers to womanhood.
Tell us one thing about you that most people don't know.
I write. I love to write short stories and poetry. I like to use them as the story fabric for my singles and music videos. I am working on a single, which I believe has the potential to be the anthem for women empowerment. It's soulful, entertaining and it's about my life, my journey so far.
You're quite open about nudity in an industry where most aren't...
To me, nudity is the most unadulterated form of art.
What do you think is your best asset?
My best asset are my innocent eyes. Umm, no. My wicked mind. I guess it's all in the mind. I could be very gorgeous, breathtaking, smoking hot and have a very boring approach to life or I could be the girl-next-door with a wicked mind.
What attracts you in a man?
His ability to embrace me with my strengths and weaknesses. And not feel insecure around me. Embrace my dreams as his dreams that would be a very a selfless thing to do. If a man ever does that for me, I would consider him my 'pati parmeshwar'!

You're the first Indian to feature on Playboy. How did it happen?
I took the initiative by writing to Hugh Hefner and he replied in the affirmative. The rest is history. Every time I talk about Playboy, I am reminded of the irony of my life that it took me something as risky as Playboy to discover myself, to have my consciousness raised.
Tell us the secret behind your figure.
I just burn calories more or less the same way anyone does.
Tell us about your upcoming films.
 I play the protagonist in a Tamil-Malayalam bilingual film, which will release by the end of this year. I'm glad this film has come my way because the journey of the protagonist has the potential to cater to a majority of youth. Her experiences, yearning, mistakes and vulnerability will resonate with the youth. There's another movie about which I have not spoken till date. I have a dual role in it. I'm praying that by the end of this year, both films hit screens here and overseas.

Your message for your follo'ers?
You are the master of your reality. You are the magic, you are the magician. Let nobody bring you down. Say, I am who I am.