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Star Cast:

Swara Bhaskar
Anaarkali Of Aarah


Anaarkali, an orchestra singer who is popular for her double-meaning songs, takes it up on her shoulders to show the world that she and more women like her, deserve equality, in all solid ways. 

Movie Review

The trailer of 'Anaarkali of Aarah' shows you a lot and delivers a lot more than what you expect is on the bill, when it comes on the silver screen, revealing its story, frame by frame, one step at a time. 
The Plot:
'Anaarkali of Aarah' is the story of a a small-town singer, who keeps every horny guy on the toes in the town with her explicitly lewd, double meaning songs and her raunchy dance moves. Anaarkali loves the dirty dancing and makes a living out of it but an otherwise humourous and seductive singer on the stage mostly, Anaarkali ends up fighting! Yes, apparently, the raunchy folk singer turns up all heads around when she tells the world that her profession does not give any man the right to enjoy and molest her and walk away with a free hand. 'Anaarkali of Aarah' is a movie that's realism cinema-redefined but in quite a deep-seated way. The protagonist of the movie, Swara Bhaskar as Anaarkali does not give you a low moment throught to switch minds. The movie is indeed a relevant and topical film on an important issue – the misogynistic attitude of or society, especially rural India. 
The Storyline:
Life is a usual path to tread on for Anaarkali who knows what she does best and makes a living out of it that keeps her filled throughout. But that does not mean that she is the one who can't get meaner when it comes to her dignity. Dharmendra Chauhan, (played by Sanjai Misra) who is the Vice Chancellor of a university is a big fan of Anarkali but dares to cross the limit (in a drunken state) to molest her on the stage. And when Anaarkaliya stands up to fight against it, she is clearly denied any right to get it. The system, apparently, a patriarchal one that turns out to be a woman-hater (in situations of them demanding their rights) believes that what happened was what the erotic singer always can invite and that's no big deal! Come on!! Here's when you see the movie pitching itself right up there, with its most perfervid storyline where Swara Bhaskar emerges like a powerhouse, who breaks down some times but never lets its go- her fight for women empowerment. 
A staunch storyline with an exceptional and humane execution of it on the celluloid makes the debutant director Avinash Das deserve a strong applause. On the other side, the three characters out of the complete cast – Swara Bhaskar, Sanjai Misra and Pankaj Tripathy, appear so well-founded, complemented best with their implausible acting calibre.
Acting Performances and Direction: 
'Anaarkali of Aarah' belongs only and only to Swara Bhaskar- yes, this actress has a lot of emotions to her acting personality, where in this movie which efficaciously puts forward a woman in the lead, she delivers a stellar performance. At most situations during the film, Swara Bhaskar looks absolutely unassailable and with a storyline like this, which is too grainy in its character, Swara knows how to keep it in the hook and off the hook, just for the audience. 

The Star:
Anaarkali of Aarah in the movie turns rebellious for her rights, where she tells all that a woman's rights to her body are hers only and can't be snatched with power. A hard-wearing story by Avinash Das becomes a telling tale for the audience, marking it a movie that one should watch- for Swara's impeccable performance in an intense drama.