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Annu Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Kay Kay Menon, Manoj Bajpai, Vijay Raaz


An ambitious, beautiful woman is cheated in love to win a bet. Will she be a damsel in distress or take matters in her own hand? Beiimaan Love is all about woman power, sensuality and love.

Movie Review

Beiimaan Love – A Perfectly Avoidable Love Story

Something in Beiimaan Love reminded me of an episode of Friends. Joey wears clothes with Porsche Logo on them so that people believe that he owns a Porsche. Characters in Beiiman Love are similar. The only difference being the director here does not intend his characters to be funny. That way, Beiimaan Love could by far be one of the funniest movies you may watch in a long time.
This film has everything that awfully bad movies should have. Random girls walking out of swimming pools in skimpy bikinis for no reason, girls walking around in such tight clothes that their bodies might just burst out, badly choreographed unnecessary songs and terrible, terrible performances. Nope, we don’t intend to offend anyone. But then, Sunny Leone not getting her act right even after so many films has now started hurting the eye. The other actors do not do much better. What more, we are even made to deal with Sunny Leone’s real-life husband Daniel Weber, who does a cameo in the film!
Let’s give credit where it is due. The story of Beiimaan Love could have been an interesting premise. We have a rich man’s son on a bet that he can get a girl to sleep with him within 10 days; the girl gets her heart broken and then the gets onto revenge.
Writer-director Rajeev Chaudhary works out a screenplay that goes back and forth in time, in an effort to create some sort of interest. What he manages is to create confusion. Worse, after the first couple of flashbacks and forwards, you would give up any attempt to even try to figure what’s going on.
The film ends the line, “Never take a woman for granted.” Let us borrow from the same and say, never take your audience for granted. Just getting a Sunny Leone does not quite ensure a film.  Beiimaan Love ends with one of the primary characters going insane and another moving on, uninterested in the former’s plight. That one scene effectively asserts what could happen to people who actually venture into watching the film. Avoid.