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John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha


A villain, an unlikely hero and a conforming RAW agent – Force 2 is an all action thriller. 

Movie Review

 Force 2 – More About Well Shot Action Sequence Than Logic

Five years since ACP Yashvardhan lost his wife in pursuit of bringing a gangster to law, things have not changed much. He is as dare bare, and possibly more muscular. And yes, he emotes even lesser. Fits perfectly for a John Abraham who is now almost as big as the hulk. He can even lift the rear of a Mercedes with his bare hands!
Force 2 takes the story of Yashvardhan, who was introduced to us in Force, ahead. This time he is out to avenge the death of his best friend, a RAW agent. Three RAW agents have been bumped off my Chinese intelligence in China. Just before being killed one of them, Harish, sends a book with a coded message to Yash, an ACP in Mumbai police. Why a book to the best friend and not to the officers? Trust of course.
And now Yash along with another RAW office, KK (Sonakshi Sinha) heads to Budapest to catch the traitor who has been helping Chinese intelligence with information on RAW. Why RAW allows a Mumbai police officer on an international mission? Because a minister vouches for him! Ok, we digest.
Beyond that, nothing ever makes sense in Force 2. There are very well shot car chases, gun fights, and fist to fist action… all on the streets of Budapest. And we don’t find any law keeper in the city trying to intervene. The bad guy (Tahir Raj Bhasin) gets in the chest and that hardly makes a difference to him… as he gets up and running in no time. Clearly, Force 2 was not made with an intention to serve logic.
Force 2, however, has great action. Undeniable. The car chases give the adrenaline rush that you might seek from an action film. And this makes most of the first half pretty engrossing. The action in the second half, particularly towards the climax is modeled like a video game – a la Counter-Strike. And all of this should satisfy the action lover in you.
What also helps is that they do not waste much time in music, except one club song. There is also a fair bit of humour added at points.
Force 2 is set in a world where India disowns its own agents, labels them traitors to save international embarrassment. It is set in a world where RAW agents need to learn common sense from Mumbai police (not disrespecting Mumbai police). It is set in a world where a RAW officer investigates people based on what they have found by tracing his records on the computer rather than actual surveillance.
John Abraham fits his role to the T. He plays by his limitations as an actor. But it is Sonakshi Sinha who is an eyesore here. The actress desperately needs to get back to what she had done in Lootera, easily her best work so far. Here she is a misfit, not just because she is a miscast, but because her part is terribly written. Even a usually brilliant Adil Hussain leaves you stunned at his inconsistency. The only actor who holds the ground is Tahir Raj Bhasin, as the bad guy.
Notwithstanding its limitation, Abhinay Deo’s Force 2 could be a decent entertainer for the hardcore action film buff. Well choreographed, stylishly shot actions sequences all through. Force 2 is just that, nothing more.