movie reviewRaaz Reboot

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Critic's Rating:

Star Cast:

Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda


Shaina (Kriti Kharbanda) and Rehaan (Gaurav Arora) move in to an apartment in Romania. Rehaan takes up a hugh paying corporate job against his wishes on Shaina’s insistence, who starts to experience peculiar incidents around the house. While the couple’s love life takes a hit, Shaina’s supernatural experiences increase, but Rehaan doesn’t pay heed to it. Aditya (Emraan Hashmi), a photographer, meets Shaina and tells her why she has been experiencing mysterious things in her house.

Movie Review

Audience vs Critic
Raaz Reboot fails to make a mark on it audience and critics. The horror film has very little horror element in it, with clichéd sequences and a slow pace. The audience found the first half boring and critics found the entire film a repetition of Raaz film in the past. 
Story & Plot
The screenplay of Raaz Reboot is quite weak. With clichéd shots Vikram Bhatt has tried to create fear, but his attempt has largely failed with this film. The first half of the film inches forward while the second half picks up speed and is tolerable. 
This being the 3rd Raaz film he is acting in, actor Emraan Hashmi has definitely perfected the art of looking mysterious and suspicious. While he gets a little too rigid at times, Emraan has done a decent job in the film. Gaurav Arora did justice to his part and so did debutant Kriti Kharbanda! 
The music of Raaz Reboot didn’t take off like expected after it released. The songs are hummable, though.